Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother Raised a Tennis Player

Greetings, Tennis Enthusiasts!

This blog is maintained and written by the tennis pros at TennisWithD and friends for the purposes of educating, discussing, inquiring, and hopefully acquiring gems that are complementary to the improvement of your tennis game. Our aim is to stretch your dollar, pound, meticais, yen, kwacha, rands... whatever currency you use, to cover your tennis expenses without compromising on the quality of the coaching or the information provided.

While this blog is associated with the business, it is a free educational platform. The language is casual but neither obscene nor profane. This is a family-friendly arena. Tennis, as a dynamic sport, like most sports, renders itself to arbitrary discussions in which anyone can participate—pros, juniors, college players, weekend warriors, and fans side by side, over a Gatorade, water break, freezit, or mahewu.

Our staff is comprised of personnel that have played tennis at the NCAA level at the minimum, some ITF Satellites/Futures, Money Circuits, Davis Cup, Junior Davis Cup, and USTA Junior tournaments, at state and national levels. We aspire to help people improve, but aside from coaching, we are students of the game ourselves first, then pros, and we hope to have an open forum for the game we all so passionately play with aspirations to get better daily.

Although this blog is mostly maintained and updated by Danai Cele Samuriwo (D), contributions come predominantly from the staff members’ personal experiences, research from tennis literature, online forums, educational videos, and regular readers, some who are lifetime friends in this small tennis world.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers from Puerto Rico to Mutare. We love you always!!!