Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Save n Serve"

Welcome, tennis enthusiasts! This is for players, coaches, students of the game, fans, and above all, those who reserve a special place for the game in their hearts.

There is no doubt that tennis is a sport that costs a decent amount of change to participate in. For many of us, the question is: CAN YOU PLAY TENNIS FOR CHEAP? CAN YOU PLAY TENNIS ON A BUDGET?

Absolutely. This blog is for everyone who, in the words of Jay-Z, is “balling on a budget”. The game has historically been a typical bourgeois sport, but we can all play, too!

The intention of this blog is to discuss, share, and explore affordable, effective ways to improve your game, stretch your hard-earned cash, and above all, get the most out of tennis. WE DO NOT COMPROMISE ON QUALITY.

Like a lot of you, I am first and foremost a lover of the game, a student, a coach, and a player, in that order. I was a kid who dedicated a significant part of his life to the game. Oftentimes, I turned down other invitations or opportunities by saying, “No, I have tennis practice.” In my experience, I have learned ways to save a buck or two.

Contributors to the blog are family friends, associates, and acquaintances. If you are a regular and know a couple of ways to save a pretty penny while indulging in the game, feel free to contribute. One of the most important goals of this blog is to create a platform for good tennis dialogue. The sport has grown and continues to be dynamic, so there are always innovative ways to approach even seemingly perfect executions.

This, and so many other reasons, is why tennis remains an exciting sport. Come explore with us. Enjoy!!!!