Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top 10 Signs: "You are a tennis crack-head when you...."

10. Think Roger Federer will win another Grand Slam.

9. Willingly not only sat through the John Isner-Niclolas Mahut punishment but believe it is a record of some sort.

8. Haven't noticed that Andy Murray is actually a Tim Henmen clone still trying to get a slam.

7. You need Bud Collins' stylist/tailor's number.

6. Can understand the ATP/WTA ranking system.

5. Think tennis pros are legitimized by a Grand Slam win.

4. Live in the US and watch the Australian Open live.

3. Read pros' memoirs/autobiographies.

2. After reading a tennis player's memoir or autobiography, you are disappointed to find out they are a flawed human being after all.

1. Wish they had Hawkeye at the local park.

I always forget something. Let's hear it!!!

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