Thursday, April 12, 2012

10 Things Tennis Players Rarely Confesses/Admit to…

10. Those who have never smashed a racquet against something hard, wish they could or had the guts

9. Those who have smashed a racquet, sheepishly, awkwardly, immediately regret it

8. Can name-drop a pro, active or retired, who they played with/against/around/grew up with, who consistently reminds them of what could have been

7. Have contemplated quitting after a horrible or embarrassing loss just to save face

6. Have quit after a losing….then came out of retirement in time for their doubles match or consolation in the same tournament

6. Have top 3 bad all-time losses from players they should have beaten or routinely beat

5. Made a line call slightly too close, at least once or twice in matches, intentionally

4. Want to or dreamt of winning Wimbledon

3. Lost a match because someone “cheated”

2. Have a match they wish they could have won

1. They have been baggled/bicycled/donut at least once at some point in their tennis lives

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