Friday, May 4, 2012

The Road to College Tennis: Mbonisi Ndimande

It is great to have larger than life idols to inspire you. But at times we overlook legitimate sources of inspiration as it comes from relatable people, our brothers and sisters. It is always motivating to see great results come from a structure and system whose blue print you are a result of as well. Such is the case with this young man. His story sums up the path to college tennis and pro tennis for most tennis players from Zimbabwe and Africa, except in Mbonisi’s case, he did it with exceptional tennis results, humility, grace, and class. Without trivializing his achievements, change the details a bit, the countries the players come from, the levels of tennis success achieved, and the schools attended, this is the path to college tennis in the US. There is a need for dexterity in juggling the demands of high performance tennis together with the grind of academic achievement; it is not always easy. Who better to tell a story than the assailant: Mbonisi Ndimande.

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