Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Does Love Mean to you in Tennis?

What Love Means In Tennis
When you first pick up a racquet
Love means the pleasure for partaking in the sport is innocent and genuine
Love means anxious to go for your next lesson
Love means getting up 3 hours early to get to an 8am lesson
Love means sleeping with your first new tennis racquet in bed
Love means dragging the parents 60mins early to a lesson 10 minutes away
Love means not realizing the coach’s racquet is bigger than me!
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A few years into the sport
Love means remembering the first match you ever won for the rest of your life
Love means remembering a particular obscure passing shot or ace you hit for some strange reason
Love means remembering the first tournament you ever won
Love means experiencing the first loss that drove you to tears
Love means losing to worst player possible and somehow picking up your racquets the next morning
Love means losing 0-6, 0-6 and somehow making it to the net to shake hands
Love means the first tennis trip away from home, no parents!
Love means watching your first pro tournament live

At the peak of you tennis career
Love means looking at the top 10 players and thinking oooo I cannot wait!
Love means winning 6-0, 6-0 and wondering why are they here
Love means winning 6-0, 6-1 and realizing bicycles do not come easy anymore!
Love means landing that college scholarship
Love means realizing tennis defines your entire life
Love means your answer to everything is “I can’t I have tennis”
Love means I have come too far in my career, now I cannot just quit
Love means playing through injuries
Love means quitting for a good period only to realize you do miss tennis

As an adult playing tennis
Love means realizing tennis made me tough as nails
Love means being thankful of every opportunity of family, friendship, good health, and joy it afforded
Love means realizing you got to travel the globe because you played tennis
Love means wondering why you ever smashed those racquets
Love means social and recreational tennis is surprisingly satisfying
Love means seeing the kid you played in juniors, doing well on TV and you rooting for them
Love means coaching kids that make you wonder whether you were that good at the same age
Love for tennis means realizing ….. even as my body slows down….that I just love tennis!

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